Flame 2017

Saturday 11th March a group of 5 students attended Flame 2017- a gathering of young people to celebrate their faith at Wembley arena. It was an incredible experience with a concert vibe- with music from Grammy award winner Matt Redman and Guvna B. It was also powerful as it made us stop and think about our faith and our responsibility in society to help people. You can sign up online to join the movement from Flame- 10,000 reasons of hope.

http://cymfed.org.uk/reasons/ (http://cymfed.org.uk/reasons/)

10,000 Reasons to Hope – CYMFed.org.uk (http://cymfed.org.uk/reasons/)
cymfed.org.uk Forced out by war, poverty or persecution, millions of people around the world live anxious and uncertain lives as migrants and refugees. But each of us, moved by....

Kathleen Adams- Yr 12