Head of the Music department: Miss Smith

The vision for every student is that they exceed what they thought was possible. We want students to be inspired, excited and engaged in music. In KS3 students touch upon a vast array of styles and genres focusing on three key skills of performance, composition and listening.
 In year 7. They learn  instrumental projects building skills and theory along the way through percussion, keyboards, ukulele and singingThey develop music for video games and also look at music from around the world.
 Year 8 builds on the skills through classical music, Blues Music, African music and composing film music.
In KS4 (9-11) students study Eduqas GCSE music where they perform a solo and group piece of music, compose a piece of music to a brief and to their own brief.
In addition to GCSE music, BTEC level 2 in Music is offered. Students learn about the music industry and how to become a professional musician.
Extra curricular :
Monday- 8.40-9.10- Singing Club. Room 115- Miss Smith
Tuesday- 2.40-3.40- GCSE intervention. Room 115- Miss Smith
Wednesday- 3.10-4.10- Show rehearsals. Drama studio- Mr Ward, Miss Smith
Thursday- 8.40-9.10- Band- Room 115- Miss Smith
Thursday- 1.30-2.10 Choir- Room 115-Mrs Byrne & Miss Smith
Thursday -3.10-4.10- GCSE Coursework catch up- Room 115- Miss Smith
Events throughout the year.
  • October showcase
  • Christmas Show
  • School show
  • Young performer


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