Remembering the D-DAY landing

To celebrate peace and unity and remembering the D-DAY landings we had a visit from George Quinny, D-Day veteran Dennis Davison and Andy Acton, who is currently in the British Army came to tell us about war. The important message however was that violence is never the answer to any form of argument. They also approved and were really pleased to see the launch of our new school peace charter. Additionally, we watched a video regarding the previous peace project our school took part in commemorating the D-Day landings. We were told about the formidable power which is war and were able to have our questions answered. At the start, we knew very little about war however by the end, we felt like we were in the war ourselves. If there is anything we have gained from this experience is that we are very fortunate to live in the world as we know it and there are millions we owe our respects to.



Sol White – 7DHL