Head of the Science Department: Mr Coughlan



We are a team that is committed to ensuring that all pupils regardless of their ability, gender, race or religion have access to a vibrant, exciting and relevant curriculum which contributes to their spiritual, moral and social development with an appreciation and sense of wonder at God’s creation.  Through outstanding teaching and learning we want every student to leave us with the qualifications, skills and attributes to secure a place at a world leading university or a prestigious apprenticeship.

Our shared Vision:

Consistent, engaging and high quality teaching and learning

Enthusiastic and supportive team of teachers

Positive relationships between students, staff and parents

Academic excellence

A Prayer to St. Albert the Great Patron of Scientists

Dear Scientist and Doctor of the Church, natural science always led you to the higher science of God.

Though you had an encyclopaedic knowledge, it never made you proud, for you regarded it as a gift of God.

Inspire scientists to use their gifts well in studying the wonders of creation, thus bettering the lot of the human race, and rendering greater glory to God.



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