TASS Potential Project

by Mr N Minshull, Head of PE:
On Monday nights at Cardinal Newman Catholic School selected students in Year 11 and 6th Form have been part of the TASS project, run in conjunction with Coventry University. The Talented Athlete Scholarship Scheme (TASS), delivered in partnership with Sport England, is a Government funded project. The project is designed to work with a select group of schools and colleges across the country – four of which are now in Coventry!
The after school sessions have been running since January, delivered by Gemma Lavery, Head of Sport, Physical Activity and Commercial Services at Coventry University and her team at the University. Gemma is passionate about the opportunities available to Coventry’s aspiring athletes.
Just before half term participants recently took part in the conditioning phase of the project, where they were put through their paces with a series of fitness tests by the Sport science staff at Coventry University. They will now spend the next 4 weeks trying to improve before they retest in week 6. The tests included; Counter Movement Jump, Single Leg Squat, Single Leg Hamstring Bridge, Press Ups and the Plank.
Athletes aged between 16 and 18 and studying for GCSE’s or Post 16 courses at Cardinal Newman, President Kennedy, Finham Park and Coventry City College are now part of the programme. They will receive high quality support in everything from sport science; strength and conditioning; nutrition; physiotherapy and anti-doping education. One of the most important aspects of course is the opportunity to be involved in a project with other similar athletes and support staff. Friendships and alliances formed in the programme could last a lifetime.  
The TASS Potential Project is focused on offering opportunities to young talented athletes aged between 16 and 18 who are playing sport at county standard or above, to encourage them to continue training alongside their education. We are very lucky to be teamed up with Coventry University, which has highly trained staff and the latest equipment at hand, to draw out the best in Coventry’s top athletes and help our students at Cardinal Newman to be world beaters.
Our prestigious students for 2019, forging a path for others to follow, in this new and exciting project are:
Plamedie Moseka - Athletics track/Netball
Roksanna Piotrowska - Tennis
Montana Giampaglia - Figure skating
Precious Okeke - Athletics (track)
Maisie Gilbert – GB Ice hockey
Kieran Gibbs - Roller hockey
Harrison Nee - Football
Machi Lynch - Athletics
Hollie Cox - Basketball
Rhiannon O’Looney – Football
Combining academic studies with their own sporting commitments is something young people often find difficult. Some of Britain’s best athletes, who could have potentially rivalled the top athletes in the world, may have fallen by the wayside in the past, you may have been one of them! This project will hopefully address that problem and give our top young athletes at Cardinal Newman the tools they need to remain committed to their sport and also furthering their academic studies at the same time.  
Good luck to all the participants.