Whole School Liturgy

Weekly Mass

We celebrate Mass together every Friday lunch time in the Chapel at 1.35pm. The Mass is very quick, but very beautiful and is a great way for some time with God and peace during a busy school day. Everyone is welcome, if you would like to help prepare the Mass please see the lay champlain for a mass pass.

Recent Masses - School Feast day.
The week commencing 17/10/16 we celebrated our school feast day. The theme of our Mass was "stay salty, shine bright" inspired by Matthews Gospel You are the salt of the earth, you are the light of the world. The whole school contributed to preparing our sports hall for Mass by making lightbulbs filled with their gifts and talents which were hung around the sports hall, students reflected on how they can use their talents for a definite service, echoing the words of our patron Blessed John Henry Newman. Over 60 students helped with the preparation and leading of the Liturgy for our Masses and the school heard for the first time our new school hymn written by Finlay Berridge. The altar was filled with a small selection of our donations to mark CAFOD fast day, our donations will be donated to the Coventry Food bank and Coventry comfort carers. Fr Pat commissioned our new student Eucharistic Ministers and Fr Pat blessed our student leadership team. all of which demonstrates how we are living out our definite service. It was a great celebration to commemorate the work of Blessed John Henry Newman and how his words inspire us as a community today

Chaplaincy Mass - St Chad’s
Students from all around the diocese gathered at St Chad’s with their Lay Chaplains, teachers and head teachers to celebrate Chaplaincy work within their schools. The students that represented our school have all helped with Chaplaincy work within the school and on behalf of the students at Cardinal Newman they were blessed by Bishop David to continue spreading God’s Word in our school.

As a whole school we celebrated the Holy day of All Saints . We spent time in prayer reflecting upon the prayerful bond that we have with those in heaven. Fr Pat taught us about what it means to be a Saint- to be a hero within our Church. It was a reflective celebration of the Liturgy which gave students and staff the chance to reflect upon their lives and roles with the Church and how they can too lead holy lives.


Mass Dates


15th Year 7 Mass PFH
25th Parish Mass St Augustine’s 10.30am


10th Blessed John Henry Newman Feast day Mass– Sports Hall
16th Parish Mass St Elizabeth’s 11.15am


1st All Saints Mass Sports hall
13th Parish Mass Christ the King 12.00pm


16th Christmas Mass Holy Family Church.
8th Year 9 Reconciliation PFH


15th St Osburg’s Parish Mass 11.30am
26th Year 12 Mass PFH

Feburary 16th Year 10 Mass PFH

1st Ash Wednesday Service Sports Hall
15th Family  Mass PFH 6pm
16th Reconciliation service Year 8
19th Holy Family Parish Mass 10.00am

April 7th April Lenten Mass Sports Hall

3rd Mass of anointing PFH 6pm
11th Year 8 Mass PFH
26th Year 11 leavers Mass

June 29th Saint Peter and Paul Sports Hall

5th Year 9 Mass PFH
14th End of Term Mass Sports Hall


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