World Challenge Trip

Hi all,


We are now a week in to our World Challenge trip and the students have been incredible! They have been hard working doing lots of manual labour, cooking, cleaning and helping out. They haven’t complained about anything and have done everything with a smile on their face. I’ve been so proud of them and have told them regularly. 


They have had great manors, got fully stuck in to the community engagement and even danced in front of half of the village at a community party, doing the cha cha slide in response to the villagers doing a tribal dance. You would be proud haha! We also went to a beautiful, colourful and very lively two hour church service on Sunday and were invited (made) to sing and dance at the front for the congregation. Apparently god wanted us to loose all inhibitions and show our love for him through dancing and singing. I think we nailed it! 


We are now at Hlane safari lodge waiting to go on a sunset safari this evening. There is a watering hole at the rear of our campsite though, so we have already seen rhinos and hippos. Oh, and a scorpion that was crawling out from under one of the students roll mats! Don’t worry though, all students are safe and sound and in good health and great spirits. Here are some photos of them working hard:


At Ndinda 


At the river where the villagers go to get water at Ndinda


Helping out with building work at Ndinda 


On the way to church 


I hope you are all having a restful summer and I’ll update you again next week when we are in Mozambique.


Take care,