Year 11 Macbeth Theatre Trip

On Thursday 28th March, we took 140 excited Year 11 students out of school to see an adaptation of Shakespeare’s
classic tragedy ‘Macbeth’ at the Crescent Theatre in Birmingham.
Students at once became part of the play with the opening scene turning the theatre into a dark, unnerving,
supernatural realm with the three witches establishing their plans to trap Macbeth into his vault of ambition. Chaos
then began to escalate with Lady Macbeth using her witchery prowess to manipulate Macbeth into taking control of his
fate. We experienced off-stage acts of treason, supernatural visions and an array of violence and conflict before King
Macbeth was overthrown by Macduff, allowing Scotland to return to its natural order with Malcolm taking the throne.
As expected, students’ behaviour was exemplary before, during and after the performance. With a venue full of 350 GCSE hopefuls, the
performance was certainly well received. It was wonderful hearing students discuss how some key lines/moments were delivered during the
performance and we hope that by experiencing live theatre, students are able to recall the plot more clearly in their exam.
Miss K Grieve, Head of English