Year - 9

Head of year 7: Mrs Donohue

Hello and welcome to our year 9 group page.  I am delighted and very privileged to be the head of year 9 as I continue support the learning journey with this amazing year group. This year is an important one for our students, as they begin the initial stages of their journey towards successful GCSE examinations. Year 9 students are able to study their favourite subjects in greater depth and explore new course. Cardinal Newman students are very lucky to have a variety of options offered alongside their core subjects.
Year 9 is full of exciting opportunities inside and outside of the curriculum, and we expect our students to take full advantage of them; challenging and enjoying themselves with new skills and experiences. Our aim is to develop mindful, ambitious young people who are able to make mature decisions with both themselves and the wider context in mind. Year 9 students will explore the world around them and ask questions which help them achieve and make progress. By aiming high in this formative GCSE foundation year, our students will ensure that they are on the right path to achieving their potential in the years ahead.
Year 9 can be a challenging year for students as they settle into their option choices and begin their G.C.S.E studies.  We are looking for them to a little bit more mature and ready for the challenges that Year 9 will bring and I am sure they will rise to the challenge beautifully. As you know students now follow a personalised curriculum and will no longer do some of the subjects that they did last year.  All of the subjects they now study with the exception of core PE will have some form of examination.  I cannot stress enough that every single lesson counts and excellent attendance really will be one of the keys to success.
The Pastoral System here at Cardinal Newman means that the students across the Year are split into 8 tutor groups.  As Head of Year, I lead and closely work in partnership with the team of super tutors who work incredibly hard to provide the very best pastoral care for our students.  The dedicated team of staff who work alongside our students day to day ensuring they are constantly striving to be the best people they can be. We have a weekly award within tutor groups for the ‘tutor champion’ which is announced in assemblies, as well as tutor group competitions for the best attendance, punctuality and ASPIRE points each half term.  This encourages all pupils to be the best person they can be by working together and recognising each other’s achievements.
 There are many extracurricular activities for Year 9 to enjoy and I would encourage all students to take full advantage of the all of the opportunities available. Students can play a very active part in the life of our school including: Chaplaincy, student council, charity, sports, dance, drama and music to name a few!  As well as providing a welcome break from academic work and the opportunity to develop new skills, they are an ideal way of making new friends outside of the tutor group and year group.
 We have a team of dedicated leadership monitors and HOY monitors who deliver daily messages, lead on charity events and represent year 9 as positive role models around the school. Opportunities to apply to be a leadership monitor are termly to encourage all pupils to develop their confidence and leadership skills within the year group.
 The well-being of every child in our care is of the utmost importance to us. I look forward to working with parents and the team of tutors to ensure that every child in Year 9 is safe, happy and fulfilled.
We know that our students are very well supported at home and this helps us to work together to ensure that all of our students reach their full potential.  Please do not hesitate to contact the school ,if you have any questions or need further guidance and support.
There are a number of extra -curricular activities that our students can get involved as well as maintain their excellent reputation for charity and service to others.
We are very proud of the students in Year 9 and look forward to sharing with you our successes on this page
Best regards  Mrs Donohue



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