Clubs - Enrichments

PE Extra Curricular Activities Summer 2016


Staff Meetings


Badminton - Boys and girls (All Years)

Gymnastics/trampolining boys and girls (all years)

Girls football (all years)


Netball - Girls (All years) 

Football - Boys (All Years) 


Dance - Girls and Boys (Years 7,8 and 9)

Rugby - Boys (Years 7,8 & 9)

Friday GCSE PE/ BTEC L2/ BTEC L3 PE catch up club 


Lunch Time and After School Enrichment - 2016


Lunch Time

After School

Munch Bunch (SSC)
Junior Jazz/Funk (Mr Matthews, R111)
Eco-Club (Mr Smith/Miss McLaughlin R056)

Homework Club (Library)
Let's Get Cooking (Mrs Hamil R078)
Wk2 - Yr7/8 Drama Club (Mrs Rimmer R113)
Year10 DofE (Mr Griffin & Miss Champion R054)
Food Coursework Improvements (Mrs Hamil R076)
Badminton - Girls / Boys (PE Area)
Gym / Trampolining - Girls / Boys (PE Area)
Fitness Suite - Girls and Boys (Fitness Suite)

Munch Bunch (SSC)
Library Club 
Senior Jazz/Funk (Mr Matthews, R111)
Fitness Suite - Girls and Boys (Fitness Suite)
Basketball - Girls and Boys (PE Area)

Munch Bunch (SSC)
Peace and Justice Group (Mr Davies, R054)

Homework Club (Library)
Musical Theatre (Mr Matthews, R111)
BTEC Catch-up (Mrs Donahue, R113)
Netball - Girls (PE Area)
Football Yr 7 & 8 - Boys (PE Area)
Football Yr 9 & 10 - Boys (PE Area)
GCSE Textiles Catch-up (Mrs Mitchell, R079) 
Munch Bunch (SSC)
Choir Practice (Mr Matthews, R111)
Humanities Film Club (Miss McLaughlin R056)

Homework Club (Library)
STEM Club (Mr Owen, R013)
Humanities homework Club (Miss McLaughlin R056)
BTEC Catch-up (Mrs Donahue, R113)
Football - Girls (PE Area)
Rubgy - Boys Yr 7,8 and 9 (PE Area)

Munch Bunch (SSC) GCSE / BTECH PC Catch-up

Homework Club

Homework club runs Monday Wednesday and Thursday every week, 3:10pm till 4pm after school.

Keep Calm And Do Your Homework!

Get it done before you go home... then relax!!

Staff are available to support you.

See Mrs Sanders in SSC or just turn up!

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