Our Mission Statement

knowledge through the light of faith

Our Mission is to ensure that Jesus Christ is made known to all our students by placing Christ and the teaching of the Catholic Church at the centre of students' lives. We endeavour to make known to every student that they are made for greatness because they are a child of God and are uniquely created and loved by God. Every student is called to live out the gospel values by loving God, others and themselves and by being prepared to always do their best and be the best person they can be. Our core values are summed up in the following qualities that we hope all of our students at Cardinal Newman school will


Our Vision and Aims

The vision of education that inspires Cardinal Newman School is always centred on the person.  As Pope John Paul II wrote:

An all-round education seeks to develop every aspect of the individual: social, intellectual, emotional, moral and spiritual.

Our aims are to ensure that students are given the opportunities to ASPIRE to:

  • Achieve through dynamic, creative, innovative teaching and learning
  • Serve God, each other and our community
  • Peacemakers in our homes, school and community
  • Integrity shines through all of our endeavours
  • Respect for ourselves, each other and our environment
  • Excellence in our learning with positivity and perseverance

In a Catholic school, the true development of the person, pupils and staff, takes precedence over all other things.

Cardinal Vincent Nicholls