Business Studies

Head of department Mr Kiddy


We study the OCR Syllabus. Our GCSE in Business equips students with the skills and confidence to explore how different business situations affect decision-making. They develop their understanding of concepts, objectives and terminology, and the impact of contemporary issues on business operations.

In the first part of the course we examine the elements of Business Activity, Marketing, and the management of People. The first paper in the final exams at the end of Year 11 is based on those topics. The second part looks at the Operations of a business, the element of Finance, and the wider Influences on a business. This forms the basis of the Paper 2 exam at the end of Year 11.

Many of our students go on to study either Business or Economics at A Level, and they do so with great success at all levels. It is a course with academic rigour as it is meant to equip students with a good working knowledge of modern business practice, very useful alongside almost any set of options. The course develops and tests the skills of analysis and evaluation in particular. Given its nature, students need to have some interest in current affairs and events if they wish to succeed on the course.