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Welcome to the Design Technology Department. We hope you find the information below insightful and it allows you understand the exciting journey through Design Technology pupils at CNCS have.

If you have any additional questions or would like to know more about the curriculum please contact me Martina Byrne Head of Department on;

MEET THE Department

Head of Department (Maternity) - Ms Byrne -
Acting HoD - Mrs Clarke -
Teacher of Design Technology - Mrs Abbott -

Teacher of Design Technology (QofE AHT) - Mr Franzoni -

Teacher of Design Technology - Ms Hawkins -

Technology Technician - Pending


KS3 (7-9)

Technology Homework at KS3 will be set and handed in using Class charts or a printed version. Students are required to complete tasks and upload them to Class charts. Paper for these homework tasks will be provided in lessons.

In KS3 Technology HW will be set in a two-week cycle and should take 20mins.

KS4 (10/11)

Food and Nutrition & Timbers  HW at KS4 will be more varied as at times students tasks will be set on Class charts. Your teacher will advise you how to hand in each HW.

In KS4 HW will be set every fortnight and should take 45mins.

KS5 (12/13)

At KS5 HW will be set weekly. Students are set tasks on Teams and on Class charts.

In KS5 HW is set weekly and should take 5 hours

Equipment and resources

Our Technology department is excellently equipped so we can provide materials and equipment for specialist practical tasks in Paper and boards and Timber lessons. It is however essential that students bring in ingredients listed by the teacher for practical lessons along with a suitable container to take the food home in (if you are aving difficulties getting ingredients please contact the food teacher or Ms Byrne and we will endeavour to help as much as we can).

Pencils, sharpeners, rubbers, pens and rulers are a must to ensure students can engage with the lesson content successfully.


Timbers and Paper & boards - will need to bring a calculator in addition to the basic essentials.

Food and Nutrition – will need to bring ingredients a good container to take food home.

KS5 Product design-

Students will need a sketch book/ A5 journal


A3 Folder to keep work safe and clean

KS5 Product design-

Students will need a sketch book/ A5 journal


A3 Folder to keep work safe and clean


In the Technology department we understand the importance of providing praise for high quality work. We often post images of ‘best work’ on our twitter account so please sign up!

Our students work will also be frequently be displayed in the school newsletter as well as around our school site.

In lessons we use praise stickers, aspire points as well as post cards for high quality outcomes as well as high levels of effort.


WJEC GCSE Food Preparation and Nutrition -

Edexcel GCSE Design Technology – Paper and boards

Edexcel GCSE Design Technology – Timbers



OCR A level Design Technology – Product Design


For more information on our curriculum intent and implementation, click on the link below

Link to Design and Technology Curriculum