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We hope that you will find the information outlined below useful and please do not hesitate to contact us for further information on the Drama Department curriculum or extra-curricular activities.

Our Drama curriculum is designed to provide students with practical skills that engage creative and innovative thinking. Through learning Drama, students are able to build a variety of positive skills, including confidence, communication and teamwork. This practical subject allows students to express themselves in an artistic and creative way whilst studying in an academic environment.

Within the Drama Department we have 2 Drama Studio spaces and a fully functioning professional Theatre with a costume & props cupboard, tiered seating, sound desk and lighting rig. Within Drama we want you to not only progress with your knowledge and skills for performing on stage but also for working behind it.

Meet the department

Mr L Hogan (LHN) - Teacher of Drama


Homework within Drama, as with all subjects is set in line the with school homework policy and timetable. For KS3, Homework will be set once every 3 weeks for YR7-8 and once every 4 weeks for YR9. For KS4, Homework will be set once a fortnight. All Homework will be set on Class Charts.

Examples of KS3 Homework -

  • Quizzes on Microsoft Forms
  • Educational Posters/Leaflets/PowerPoint Presentations
  • Learning lines for Scripted Drama
  • Research tasks – History of Theatre

Examples of KS4 Homework –

  • Learning lines for Scripted Drama
  • Coursework
  • Exam Revision – Revision Workbook
  • Watching and reviewing theatre
  • Character Development


Equipment needed for Drama across all years is similar to the school standard: Blue/Black pen, Green pen, Pencil, Ruler, Rubber, Sharpener and a Highlighter.

In KS3, students will work in a printed Assessment Booklet in all lessons throughout the year. In KS4, students will have an exercise book for all written work, a ring-binder folder for all worksheets, a GCSE Revision Workbook, CGP ‘DNA’ Play Revision Guide, and play scripts

Revision website - BBC Bitesize - GCSE Drama – Edexcel


Within Drama, students will be recognised & awarded ASPIRE points when they conduct themselves in line with the school’s ASPIRE Values.

These may be awarded for:

  • The use of Drama Vocabulary
  • Excellent answers to questions
  • Working extremely well as a group
  • Presenting an amazing performance

If students are consistent in Drama lessons, again they will be recognised and awarded with further ASPIRE points accompanied by a Praise Postcard which is sent home.

Drama Pin Badges are awarded for outstanding contribution to Drama and The Canon Diamond Theatre Company - this may be on the stage or off. For being a consistent member of CDTC, students will be awarded with a green Drama bar badge. If students are part of multiple shows and productions they will be awarded with a Drama Masks pin badge – KS3 will be awarded Bronze, YR10 Silver and YR11 Gold.

If students stay with CDTC throughout their time at CNCS, they will be awarded their place on the Wall of Fame.

All of the above are accompanied by ASPIRE Points, a Praise Postcard and a certificate. 

upcoming events

Autumn Term – Performing Arts Winter ‘Snowcase’ Variety Show

Spring Term – Whole School musical production of ‘Matilda Jr.’

Summer Term – Summer Shakespeare, performed outside in Camden Park.

                              Young Performer of The Year


Key Resources and websites

BBC Bitesize - GCSE Drama – Edexcel

Edexcel GCSE Drama Revision Workbook

CGP ‘DNA’ Play Revision Guide

GCSE Exam Board information

GCSE Drama – Pearson Edexcel (2016)

For more information on our curriculum intent and implementation, click on the link below

Link to Drama Curriculum page