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Curriculum intent

The English Department at Cardinal Newman Catholic School aims to foster a love of language and literature and enable students to become reflective readers, skilled writers, confident speakers and creative thinkers.

We encourage students to become independent readers and to read for pleasure as well as developing skills in comprehension, analysis, evaluation and knowledge of a range of poetry, drama and prose texts. Furthermore, we strive to develop accomplished writers who are able to exercise a creative flare and adapt their writing for different purposes, audiences and forms. Additionally, we aim to empower students with the confidence and ability to express themselves fluently through regular opportunities for discussion, debate and speaking and listening whilst building on their own experiences and developing their cultural capital to inform their own views and ideas.

Through exposing students to a range of genres and forms as well as encountering key figures from the literary cannon, students are able to develop an awareness of our rich and diverse literary heritage, leaving CNCS with an appreciation of the power of Language and Literature and equipped with the literacy skills needed for all their future pathways.

Students and Parents

Students and parents, to find out how our curriculum is planned and sequenced, click on our subject learning journeys below.

Overall learning journey
Year 7 learning journey
Year 8 learning journey
Year 9 learning journey
Year 10 learning journey 
Year 11 learning journey 
Year 12 learning journey
Year 12 learning journey (Language and Literature)
Year 13 learning journey
Year 13 learning journey (Language and Literature)

Curriculum Overviews

To find out more about our how our curriculum is implemented you can click on our curriculum overviews