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Exam Information

Examination Timetables

Students and parents/carers will receive their individual timetables via Arbor. However, you can also access the core mock examination timetable as linked below for Y10 and Y11. 

Seating plans

Seating arrangements for each examination will be given individually to all students in a pack before the examinations. Then they will also be sent electronically via Arbor to all parents/carers and students.

Daily examination seating plans will also be posted outside the Sports Hall, Pope Francis Hall and Bosco. Please check carefully each day before you are due to get in line as sometimes, last minute changes to seating plans may be necessary.

Where do you line up?

Sports Hall examinations: line up on the tennis courts in alphabetical order in your correct row

Pope Francis Hall: line up outside the venue

Gym: line up outside the Pope Francis Hall

Bosco: Report directly upstairs in Bosco

Media Suite: line up outside Deeley (Art block)

You must wait in silence until you are directed to your venue. You will be seated, then please wait for further instructions.

Morning Examinations- Signing In

If you have a morning examination, you must be on school site for 8.15am and sign-in outside the Sixth Form block (directly opposite student reception). Post 16 students must sign in inside the Sixth Form Common Room.

What equipment should you bring?

Please make sure your child has the equipment they need to be successful. This includes spare pens, calculators (where necessary) contained within a clear plastic pencil case. Please ensure that you check with your class teacher on the expectations for each examination.

Conduct in examinations

Remember that once you enter the examination hall, you are entering examination conditions. This means that:

  • You should not attempt to communicate with any other students. This includes turning around and looking at other students once seated. Examination conditions remain until you have left the exam venue.
  • All electronic devices should be switched off and placed in your bag before you enter the room.
  • Do not bring any pieces of paper in to the exam venue.
  • Water bottles are allowed, but the label must be removed before entering the room.
  • Any watches must be taken off and are not allowed in the exam venue.
  • You must be in full school uniform. Any student without the correct uniform will not be allowed into the examination hall.

Please note, you must remain within the examination room for the complete time allocated for the examination even if you finish early. Please remember to check through all of your responses for accuracy.