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‘Nos sumus simpliciter optimum’

Welcome from Ms Oakman – Head of Year 11

I am Ms Oakman, the current Head of Year for our amazing Year 11’s at Cardinal Newman Catholic School. I have been a teacher for seven years now, and spent five of those with the current Year 11’s at Cardinal Newman Catholic School. I teach Mathematics and Physical Education, and am also currently studying for Masters Degree in Educational Leadership.

I joined Cardinal Newman nearly 5 years ago, and started my journey with this year group as a tutor in the summer term whilst they were in Year 7. I have since had the privilege of being their Head of Year since Year 8, and have grown with the year group throughout their time at Cardinal Newman Catholic School.

I am so proud to see how all of the current Year 11’s have grown from their Year 7 selves into the incredible young adults they are now.

This year, Year 11 have been focussing on their exams. After the success of last summer, Year 11 have managed to enter the current academic year, where a large percentage of the students have already achieved a 4+ in both GCSE Biology and GCSE English Language.

As part of the exam preparation for the current year group, we have expanded our support by offering tutor time intervention to all pupils, period 6 for most subjects – again accessible for all students, and then a targeted period 7 and Saturday school for selected pupils.

Leading up into the second part of the Spring Term, year 11 will have taken a full round of mock exams across all of their chosen subjects, and the data used here will allow myself and all staff to create even more bespoke and tailored revision programmes, to further enhance the provision provided to Year 11.

The overall effort and determination shown by Year 11 has been phenomenal. Period 6 attendance is extremely high, with almost all students accessing their core subjects for this intervention each week, and almost 80 students access period 7 and Saturday school multiple times a week.

I would also like to recognise the hard work and relentless support of all of our parents and carers. Your support this year has been unparalleled, which has greatly helped to support your child in their GCSE preparations. Thank you.

If you ever have any questions, or require some additional support, then please do not hesitate to contact me:

The Year 11 Tutor Team


Ms N Minton


Mr A Shaw


Mrs R Clancy/Mr K Rojek (Wed)


Miss E Cunningham


Miss S Rubio


Mr T Radford


Mr J Canning


Mr Minshull


Mrs O Cordero Nieto