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In year 7 and 8 pupils learn about key aspects of World, European, British and local History such as:

  • Medieval Realms (1066-1485): Medieval monarchs, everyday life, Medieval world
  • Tudor World: Tudor monarchs, everyday life, exploration, religious conflict
  • Stuarts/Georgians: Stuart/georgian monarchs, everyday life, scientific developments, exploration
  • Industrial/Victorian britain and the development of Empire: (1750-1900) Political change, empire and expansion, everyday life
  • Twentieth Century World: Conflict (WWI and WWI – causes and consequences), everyday life, technological developments.
  • The development of medicine through time will feature throughout all topics as this will be a key unit at GCSE.

In GCSE History pupils are studying:

Paper 1: Understanding the modern world

Section A: Period studies:

  • 1D America, 1920–1973: Opportunity and inequality

Section B: Wider world depth studies:

  • Conflict and tension, 1918–1939

Paper 2: Shaping the nation

Section A: Thematic studies

  • 2A Britain: Health and the people: c1000 to the present day

Section B: British depth studies including the historic environment

Elizabethan England, c1568–1603

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In A-level History pupils are studying:

  • 1C The Tudors: England, 1485–1603
  • 2Q America Dream: Reality & Illusion, 1945-1980

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Throughout studying History at Cardinal Newman Catholic School pupils explore key concepts in order to deepen and broaden their knowledge, skills and understanding; these are:

  • Chronological Understanding
  • Cultural, ethnic and religious diversity
  • Change and continuity
  • Cause and consequence
  • Significance
  • Interpretation

Key processes pupils will learn to make progress at Cardinal Newman Catholic School in History are:

  • Historical Enquiry
  • Using Evidence
  • Communicating about the Past