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The Media Studies Department at Cardinal Newman Catholic School, aims to widen students’ knowledge and understanding of how and why the media create a text. Students’ study of key concepts and ideologies encompass the theoretical framework – media language, representation, audience and industry. A range of contemporary texts have been chosen to enable students to develop an appreciation of the media industry. Students use their knowledge and understanding of the texts of study, to create their own media text, through the medium of a magazine, a music video or a short film/TV piece. When studying Media Studies, we encourage students to be motivated in their study, we foster an atmosphere of independence, and develop students’ creativity through a stimulating and enjoyable curriculum.

Many students of our students go on to study some form of Media and Communications at University to great success. Some of our previous students are now working within the media, whether it is behind the scenes or in front of the cameras.


Students in Years 9, 10 and 11 follow the Eduqas Exam Board and study GCSE Media Studies:


Students in Years 12 and 13 follow the Eduqas Exam Board and study A-Level Media Studies:

The course is co-taught between two teachers with a 50/50 split. Each teacher will teach a text independently, this is easier for students to develop their understanding and knowledge of each text of study along with the relevant theoretical perspectives required.

Component 1 texts of study and Component 3 are all completed in Year 1 of the A-Level. Component 2 is taught in the final, second year of study.