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Prefect System

Prefect System

Our Prefect Team, at Cardinal Newman Catholic School, is something we are very proud of. This Team of young people volunteer their time and skills to play a crucial role in our school community, and they truly rise to that challenge. The students take on a specific Leadership role and use their individual strengths to complement the positive work around the school. The key is to offer that unique support to young people when they it, in all its forms. They also act, on our behalf, as ambassadors for our school. There are different levels of Leadership, including Prefects, Senior Prefects, Deputy Head Boy & Girl and Head Boy & Girl.

The Prefect System is highly respected by our students and they wear their special pins and lanyards with pride. Our Prefects are positive role models and help to promote the ethos of the school by supporting both staff and students in everyday tasks, events and initiatives.

Our students are eligible to apply for this position at the end of year 10, if they meet the criteria relating to attendance, punctuality and behaviour, and if they feel they have the qualities needed to be successful in the role.

Students complete a written application outlining their personal qualities, leadership skills and experience. Staff are also asked to nominate suitable students to support their applications. A formal interview process is carried out and all Prefects are required to attend a full day of training, off-site, led by the Royal Marines. The purpose of the day is to highlight the leadership qualities of these successful candidates, in order to select the Senior Prefects, who will lead their team throughout the year.

Our Prefect Team carry out a variety of duties, which include pastoral and academic mentoring, lunch duties, support of the vulnerable students and our anti-bullying system. They are leaders in our inter-form sporting events, clubs, counselling and curriculum initiatives. They also assist in the running of Parents Evenings and important school events.

The Prefect System encourages our young people to shine! It is a team of individuals who reflect our whole school commitment to providing opportunities for Leadership, which is an important life skill. They promote strong communication and teamwork as they support our larger community.

This year, we are proud to introduce our new team of 50 students, and we look forward to implementing and promoting the truly wonderful work these students do to enhance the school life of their peers. They are true ambassadors of our school and continue to grow and develop as a team.

We wish them well as they strive to make our school a safe and exciting place to learn.