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The Importance of Public Libraries

Our school library is of huge importance to students and staff. It is the heart of the school and hosts many resources that benefit all of it users throughout the day.

Public libraries are also of similar importance, perhaps even more so. The benefits of public libraries are not just one of borrowing books for free, but they also provide a great source of information and run many different services, programmes and events.
Everyone has equal access to all the library’s facilities which provides free access to books, quiet reading spaces, safe environments for children to browse the books, free WiFi access, IT equipment for study and research and much more.
Public libraries are seen to be the hub of many communities and are environments that connect people to people as well as supporting the idea of reading for pleasure.

Local libraries close to our school are:

Keresley Community Library
Bennetts Rd
Tel: 024 7633 3140

Jubilee Crescent Library
Jubilee Crescent Community Centre, Jubilee Crescent
Tel: 024 7678 6981

Coundon Library
Moseley Ave
Tel: 024 7678 6969

Holbrooks Library
Holbrook Ln · In Holbrooks Park
Tel: 024 7663 8681

For your local library please use the link below.

Borrow Box

Borrow Box is the public library’s free online book service. Similar to CNCS’s Sora Reading App, Borrow Box can be downloaded onto any device (mobile phone, laptop, Apple Watch) and be used to access many different book titles as well as audio books.

For further information, please click the link below.