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Welcome to STEM

Welcome to STEM at Cardinal Newman Catholic School.  Science, technology, engineering and mathematics work together in real life applications to solve problems. For example, in reducing the effect of climate change on growing crops or to make a camera so small you can swallow it and a doctor can see a problem with your digestive system. 


Miss Holyman, Lead Teacher of Science and STEM is heading up many activities aimed at linking STEM to the curriculum and beyond. She said: ”We hope to use STEM activities to ignite curiosity and encourage problem solving where skills from different subjects in a creative way. In doing so, we hope to share our passion for our subject and enthusiastically help our learners engage into successfully perusing their STEM qualifications and hopefully a career in this field. “

STEM in lessons

As we review and revise our teaching and learning materials we are injecting a STEM focus into our KS3 lessons.  This looks at real life applications of the concepts that have been looked at in the lesson and relates it to real life as well as future career opportunities.

During careers week, students will be trying different chromatography techniques and relating them to crime scenes, art, remote teaching, museums and Board Force.  This included looking at how drug cheats can be stopped ( )


STEM Beyond lessons

We have a lively STEM Club that meet weekly ( This hands-on club is versatile and able to move quickly with the interest of the participants, as well as helping to make some excellent classroom resources such as gravity cans that then benefit the teaching and learning across the school.

Each half term a lecture takes place where students get the opportunity to participate in a thoughtful presentation. 

This year has included, how to fool your senses (, looking (and tasting) sustainable protein sources ( and the next is a planned dissection of a whole pigs head!

STEM Partners

Royal Society

The Royal Society are considering our application for a Partnership Grant.  This would provide funding to work with Associate Professor Stuart Clare, Director of Operations at Wellcome Centre for Integrative Neuroimaging to answer the question of whether one thermometer can measure all temperatures. 

This project aims to evaluate the use of thermometers by completing standard science practicals with different ranges, different expansion materials, thermocouple, temperature probes, data loggers and IR cameras to determine how they compare to a mercury expansion thermometer.  It will include hands-on activities, visits from academics and industrial scientists as well as a visit to Oxford.

Continued Professional Development

We are working closely with to provide high quality and relevant training for teachers, here at Cardinal Newman. ( These events allow networking while upskilling teachers.