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Department vision

We are a team that is committed to ensuring that all pupils regardless of their ability, gender, race or religion have access to a vibrant, exciting and relevant curriculum which contributes to their spiritual, moral and social development with an appreciation and sense of wonder at God’s creation.  Through outstanding teaching and learning we want every student to leave us with the qualifications, skills and attributes to secure a place at a world leading university or a prestigious apprenticeship.

Curriculum in Science

Your child will study a broad and balanced curriculum that covers the necessary content for public examinations but also aims to engage and enthuse.  We follow the suite of AQA courses at key stage four and five.  Our key stage three course aims to embed the key skills and knowledge for success, we maintain a consistent approach with terminology so pupils become familiar them.

Year 7


Topics Covered


B1 Cell Biology I

C1 Atomic Structure I

P3 Particle model of matter I


B2 Organisation I

B3 Infection and response I

C2 Bonding I

C4 Chemical Changes I

P2 Electricity I


B4 Bioenergetics I

C5 Energy Changes I

P1 Energy I

Year 8


Topics Covered


B5 Homeostasis I

B6 Inheritance and evolution I

C8 Chemical analysis I

C7 Organic Chemistry I

P6 Waves I


B7 Ecology I

C10 Using Resources I

P5 Forces I


C6 Rates of reaction I

C9 Chemistry of the atmosphere I

P7 Magnets and electromagnets I

P8 Space Physics I

Year 9


Topics Covered


C1 Atomic Structure and the periodic table II

C2 Bonding structure and properties of matter II

C4 Chemical changes II

P1 Energy II

P3 Particle model of matter II


C5 Energy changes II

C6 The rate and extent of chemical reactions II

P4 Atomic Structure II

P6 Waves II


C8 Chemical analysis II

C10 Using Resources II

P7 Magnetism & electromagnetism II

P8 Space Physics

Year 10


Topics Covered


B1 Cell Biology II

B2 Organisation II

B3 Infection and response II

B4 Bioenergetics II

B5 Homoeostasis II


B5 Homoeostasis II

B6 Inheritance and selection II

B7 Ecology II


Bespoke revision programme for external assessment

Review and recap of year nine content

Year 11


Topics Covered


C7 Organic Chemistry

P5 Forces


C3 Quantitative Chemistry

P2 Electricity


Bespoke revision programme for external assessment

All pupils are taught the content to sit three separate Sciences.  In year 11 based on assessment data some pupil may then sit the GCSE Combined Science (two GCSE’s)

Separate Science




Combined Science

Post 16

The following course are currently offered at post 16

A Level

Biology; AQA

Chemistry; AQA

Physics; AQA

BTEC Level 3 Extended certificate in Applied Science (equivalent to one A Level); Pearson


Extra-curricular activities

We have an active STEM club that take part in a range of activities such as forensics and cosmetic science.