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Welcome to the Science Department! A very warm welcome to the Science department webpage. We hope that you will find the information outlined below useful and please do not hesitate to contact us for further information on the Science department curriculum.

Science department intent

The Science Department at Cardinal Newman Catholic School aims to deliver a broad and balanced curriculum that whilst covering the necessary content for public examinations also engages, enthuses, develops an enquiring mind and demonstrates that pupils are ‘made for greatness’. 

We want our pupils to have awe and wonder for the world around them and within them, for them to be scientifically literate and numerate so they can critique and evaluate science in the wider world whilst formulating their own ideas, opinions and question those around them.

This understanding of the world around and within will promote our ASPIRE values and allow pupils to be valued members of a diverse and tolerant society.

Science Department Staff

Nicola Shepherd - Head of Department
Fae Griffiths - Second in department & Key Stage Four Co-Ordinator
Shalini Singh - Key Stage Three Co-Ordinator
Rebekah Mason - Key Stage Five Co-Ordinator (Chemistry & Physics)
Alfred Mwini - Intervention Co-Ordinator
Sam Holyman - STEM Lead (from September 2022)
John McGrath - Practical Lead (from September 2022)
Ellie Boiling - Biology Co-Ordinator
Avalin Mathew - Chemistry Co-Ordinator
Thomas Gordon - Physics Co-Ordinator
Christine Ward
Julie Thomson - Senior Science Technician

Department vision

We are a team that is committed to ensuring that all pupils regardless of their ability, gender, race or religion have access to a vibrant, exciting and relevant curriculum which contributes to their spiritual, moral and social development with an appreciation and sense of wonder at God’s creation.  Through outstanding teaching and learning we want every student to leave us with the qualifications, skills and attributes to secure a place at a world leading university or a prestigious apprenticeship.

Useful information

Science has a large amount of maths within the subject. Pupils will need a scientific calculator for their lessons, assessments and examinations, this will be the same one they use for Maths.

Pupils will also need a revision guide to support GCSE study and textbook to support post 16 study. We will contact parents of the necessary pupils to arrange these to ensure that pupils have the correct one and subsided price.


Extra-curricular opportunities

We have an active STEM club that take part in a range of activities such as forensics and cosmetic science, we aim to take pupils out to events such as The Big Bang Fayre and invite agencies in to deliver specialist sessions. Please contact our STEM lead for more information.


Curriculum in Science

Your child will study a broad and balanced curriculum that covers the necessary content for public examinations but also aims to engage and enthuse.  We follow the suite of AQA courses at key stage four and five.  Our key stage three course aims to embed the key skills and knowledge for success, we maintain a consistent approach with terminology so pupils become familiar with them.

All pupils are taught the content to sit three separate Sciences.  In year 11 based on assessment data some pupil may then sit the GCSE Combined Science (two GCSE’s)

Separate Science




Combined Science

Post 16

The following course are currently offered at post 16

A Level

Biology; AQA

Chemistry; AQA

Physics; AQA

BTEC Level 3 Extended certificate in Applied Science (equivalent to one A Level); Pearson



Link to Science curriculum page


Key Documents

  • Learning journeys for each year group and post-16 course