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Here at Cardinal Newman Catholic School our core values of ASPIRE are at the heart of what we do. We are very fortunate to be able to offer an extensive range of extra-curricular activities in which we encourage all students to take advantage of this offer. The extra-curricular activities aim to:

· Create opportunities for personal enrichment.

· Motivate individual students according to their needs and interests.

· Allow participants the chance to learn and develop new skills like and perhaps discover a new talent.

· Instil students with a positive attitude toward themselves, school and learning outside the normal curriculum.

· Raise self-esteem and establish new friendships as well as building their confidence and resilience

· Extend their learning and raise achievement

All students are welcome to take part regardless of their ability, age or needs.


*ECA Timetable updated each term

Inter Tutor Competitions

We are delighted to continue our inter-tutor competitions at CNCS. All Newman students from Y7-10 will have the chance to represent their tutor and compete to find out who really is the best tutor!

Inter Tutor is a league based competition that is designed to:

• will aim to give students a greater sense of community within the whole school environment

• reward students for the positive contributions they make at CNCS

• develop a sense of teamwork within form groups

• develop pride in student and staff relationships

• All students can earn points for their form through a variety of positive contributions they make to school on a daily basis.


This year the events will be:

Autumn 1 – Speed Chess  Spring 1 – Badminton  Summer 1 – Spelling Bee

Autumn 2 – Dodgeball/Football Spring 2 – Basketball  Summer 2 – Rewards

Click the link at the bottom the page to see the current standings


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