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What is happening? 

1st March 

Secondary school places are announced 


Introductory letter from CNCS is sent, directing parents/carers to Transition Webpage and requesting Forms completion to increase methods of communication. 


Meetings take place with Year 6 teachers so that we can gather all necessary information about our new Year 7 pupils 


Welcome letters/packs are sent via post/email to pupils, parents and carers. 


Transition Day is on Wednesday 6th July where new Year 7 will spend the day at CNCS. 

Prospective Year 5 pupils from feeder primaries are invited to visit CNCS on specified days. 

Meet the Tutor evening. 

Summer transition support is be sent home, along with core curriculum transition work and transition competitions/activities. 


Information is sent via post/email about the first day/week at CNCS. 


You are officially a CNCS pupil and your journey starts here.