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Why Choose Us?

Cardinal Newman sixth form is welcoming to all, whether you are a Newman student transferring from Year 11 or coming in from another school, it provides everybody with the very best opportunities. 

The sixth form at Newman is a place where you can try new and exciting subjects, expanding your knowledge in areas you have taken an interest in or exploring different opportunities. It is the next important step to university or an apprenticeship; allowing you to become more independent through the studies which you enjoy the most. 

There are plenty of opportunities to get a taste of life beyond the sixth form, whether that be through summer schools, Pathways to Law, work experience or even through attending the Edinburgh Fringe Festival! 

These summer schools are not necessarily what you might think they are either. As well as being able to apply to go to Oxford or Cambridge, or other Russell Group universities, you can also apply to the Sutton Trust US programme which takes you to America for a week, all expenses paid. To experience university life on the other side of the Atlantic is incredibly beneficial if you wish to go on to apply to study in the States. 

At Cardinal Newman, you will receive support from your teachers and tutor in whichever direction you choose.

Edwin Barry, Head Boy & Emma Jackson, Head Girl 2023-2024