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Year Information

Year Information

The Year Group and Tutor System

At Cardinal Newman, we place great value on our pastoral care. Each student is allocated to a tutor group of mixed ability students from within their year group with a designated form tutor. The role of the form tutor is vital in terms of offering continuity of care, guidance and support for both the student and their family. A family’s first port of call regarding any student queries should always be with their child’s tutor.

There are nine tutor groups within a year group (and up to five in each year within the Sixth Form) and each year group has an experienced member of staff who leads that cohort as Head of Year. The Head of Year’s role requires them to lead on the academic, emotional and social development and welfare of each student in their year group. The Head of Year is also a central point of communication for parents wishing to discuss any concerns or queries.

The Head of Year drives the Pastoral Programme for their year group and ensures that safeguarding, citizenship and personal, social & health education is provided for each student throughout the school year, either through tutor time in the mornings or through our Pastoral Curriculum Days. Students also have a weekly assembly, as a year group, with either their Head of Year, a member of the Leadership Team or a visiting speaker. The Head of Year is also central in promoting and leading on the delivery of Catholic Life events and initiatives within their year group.

Wider Pastoral Care

The Head of Year and their tutors are also supported by a range of non-teaching staff who support the pastoral welfare and development of students in our care. These include an Attendance Officer, Behaviour and Student Support Teams, a full-time First Aider, the Welfare and Safeguarding team, a Counsellor and Lay Chaplain.

These teams of staff work alongside the Heads of Year and other Senior Staff to ensure that the needs of all students are met and catered for.

Whilst Cardinal Newman is a large school with all the benefits that brings, it is never an impersonal one. The pastoral system ensures that each child is known and cared for on a daily basis.