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Curriculum intent

In the words of Steve Jobs, “Everyone should learn how to program a computer; it teaches you to how to think.”

ICT and Computing knowledge and skills are in high demand within in a globally competitive world. It has become an ever-growing part of human life, affecting many aspects of a person’s day. Today a computer chip is embedded in almost every device, smartphones, washing machines, heating systems, cars and healthcare devices. Computer scientists have a significant impact on how our society advances by developing and maintaining these systems: whether it be for our home, work, learning or entertainment environments. Computer Science and ICT is an exciting and rapidly evolving subject that offers excellent employment prospects and well-paid careers.

Our intent is to equip students with the relevant skills and knowledge to be successful in the rapidly changing world of technology. Our curriculum gives students the opportunity to develop their capability, creativity, and subject knowledge. It also takes advantage of the content of other subjects such as maths, science and design and technology.

Students and parents

Students and parents, to find out how our curriculum is planned and sequenced, click on our subject learning journeys below.

Year 7 learning journey
Year 8 learning journey
Year 9 Computing learning journey
Year 10 iMedia learning journey
Year 10 Computer Science learning journey
Year 11 iMedia learning journey
Year 11 Computer Science learning journey
Year 12 learning journey
Year 13 learning journey

Curriculum overviews

To find out more about our how our curriculum is implemented you can click on our curriculum overviews