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design & Technology

Curriculum Intent

Creatively inspire students to...

Challenge, innovate, create lifelong skills.

The ambitious curriculum in Design Technology aims to develop students creativity and practical application of skills to create a love of learning. We follow the national curriculum guideline in design technology to ensure all pupils have the ability to design and make using the iterative process.

We deliver inclusive lesson to enable pupil to be proficient in a range of skills; workshop safety and application of practical tools, CAD, CAM, Health and safety in the kitchens and the ability to select and use utensils to create a range of healthy dishes.

We explore healthy eating, culture, and the origins of materials and ingredients to ensure pupils have the opportunity to explore the subject gain confidence.

To see examples of work produced in Technology please follow us on Twitter @CN1Technology

student and parents

To find out how our curriculum is planned and sequenced, click on our subject learning journeys.

Year 7 learning journey (DT)
Year 8 learning journey (DT)
Year 9 learning journey (DT)
Year 10 learning journey (Food and Nutrition)
Year 11 learning journey (Food and Nutrition)
Year 11 learning journey (DT Timbers)
Year 11 learning journey (DT Paper & Boards)
Year 12 learning journey (DT)
Year 13 learning journey (DT)

Snapshots SOL - Year 7, 8 & 9

Curriculum overviews

To find out more about how our curriculum is implemented you can click on our curriculum overviews.