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Curriculum Intent

The Drama department at Cardinal Newman aims to encourage all students to grow creatively and build on life skills that can be applied throughout school and the wider world. Through our curriculum students will work on many of these skills including: Creativity, Teamwork, Communication, Leadership, Pubic Speaking, Critical Thinking, Mutual Respect and Confidence. Our aspirational curriculum encourages all students to realise their potential to achieve regardless of their academic ability and background.

Our whole school Drama curriculum focuses on the three components taught at GCSE level; Devising Drama, Scripted Drama and the study of Theatre and Plays. Schemes of work are sequenced in a way that allows all students to build on their knowledge of Drama and Theatre, working towards the transition from KS3 to KS4 GCSE. By the end of KS3, students will have the required knowledge and skill set needed to achieve well in KS4.

Within the Drama Department, we aim to develop students’ cultural capital through memorable experiences outside of the classroom with our extra-curricular activities. Throughout the year we put on multiple events including: the ‘Winter Snowcase’ variety show, our annual whole school musical production and our summer Shakespeare performance in the park. We run a weekly drama club where students can learn about all aspects of drama and theatre.

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Curriculum Overviews

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