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‘Tu modo amitterre si quit’

Welcome from Mr Abbott – Head of Year 10

Welcome to the Year 10 head of year page, my name is Mr Abbott and I am the Head of year for year 10. The year team and I pride ourselves on the high standards we hold in year 10, students are well behaved and hardworking, who with our support we hope will achieve great successes this academic year and next.  Last year our year group selected a motto that would be the identity of our year group: Tu modo amitterre si quit, meaning you only lose if you quit. Our aim in year 10 is to instil resilience into our students ensuring that they understand that their GCSE journey will be difficult but with hard work and determination that they can achieve. We aim to ensure students have the best possible chance in their academic studies but also in developing their personal development with the aim to shape young people with the skills and knowledge to be successful in all elements of life.  

Year 10 marks the start of their GCSE journey with students completing their GCSE in English Language and Biology this academic year. Within this journey we will look to support your child every step of the way. We provide layers of interventions within our year team including subject specific tutor time interventions, peer mentoring, RBA tutor groups, revision workshops with guest speakers and much more. We also offer parents evenings aimed at equipping parents with an understanding of revision techniques so they can also support their children on their GCSE journey.  

Alongside our academic support our pastoral team also run a host of pastoral sessions working on our student’s personal development. Each week our team delivers sessions on talking points (centered around current affairs), catholic life (providing opportunity for charity work, quiet reflection and building on their moral compass), student council (giving students the chance to raise concerns about our school community and be given feedback on our student council meetings). Students are also provided with an assembly platform that continues to focus on personal development alongside our PSHE sessions (tailored to the pastoral needs of our year group). Our pastoral program aims to develop respectable active members of society with a set of positive personality traits and values in line with the British Values of democracy, the rule of law, mutual respect and tolerance.  

In addition to our pastoral program, year 10 also have the privilege of participating in work experience. This is new to Cardinal Newman this academic year and something we are delighted to be able to offer our students. Students will be able to experience first-hand the world of work developing their employability skills alongside raising their aspirations.  

Finally, all of our students are invited to participate in our extracurricular program ensuring there is a sense of equality and inclusiveness within our year group. We believe that this gives our students a place and a purpose within our community. As always, we welcome you to get in contact with our team if you have any questions or concerns and we will look to support you.  

The Year 10 Tutor Team


Miss N Shiri


Mr S Wilson


Mr N Osborne


Mr A Bullock


Miss E Boiling


Mrs C Hurst (Tues-Fri) Miss C Ward  (Mon)


Mr C Price


Mr A Mistry


Mrs C Minshull