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Ex nihilo nihil fit’

Welcome from Mrs Eggison – Head of Year 8

My name is Miss Eggison and I am proud to be Head of year 8 at Cardinal Newman Catholic school and I feel privileged to be able to work each day with such exceptional students and tutors. I am excited to be able to lead year 8 on your next chapter of your journey towards excellence. My aim as head of year 8 is to provide an environment where students can fulfil their potential and grow into happy, kind and well-rounded individuals. I strive for students to develop their resourcefulness, resilience, accept responsibility and be challenged to take risks in order to learn and succeed. Ex nihilo nihil fit ‘nothing comes from nothing’ 


The Year 8 Tutor Team


8ABI – Miss Bagri                         
8AHR – Mrs Heer                         
8JGD – Mrs Good                         
8LAR – Mrs Agar                           
8LHN – Mr Hogan                        
8LMR – Mr Miller                         
8RDS – Mr Davies                        
8TEN – Mr Eaton                          
8TGN – Mr Gordon                      


Year Group Messages


Key dates

  • Thursday 9th February – Parents Evening
  • Week Beginning 6th March – Spring Assessments
  • Tuesday 21st March – World Poetry Day
  • Week Beginning 5th June – Summer Assessments
  • Thursday 6th July – Sports Day


Communication – Letters to Parents/Guardians

Click here to see Year 8 letters