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The Reading Aloud reading programme, which runs every term in the library, encourages Year 9 and 10 students to volunteer to listen to and encourage our Year 7 and 8 students with their reading during tutor time. Students read to their mentors and then discuss what they have read which gives greater depth and understanding to the students’ reading.

The library continues to run the programme every Friday during tutor time and it is wonderful to see students reading an array of reading materials. Well done everyone!

Easter - End of Spring Term Certificate Awards – 22nd March 2024

Click here for more info on Easter - End of Spring Term Certificate Awards – 22nd March 2024

Book raffle spring 2.2 2024



Book Raffle sPRING 2.1 2024


Emilie Lauren Jones – Friday 26th January 2024


A regular visitor to CNCS Emilie Lauren Jones joined Year 8 for the entire day which started with an assembly for Year 8s where she explained what a poet laureate is, what drove her to become a poet and how she creates her poetry. The assembly ended with some very interesting and mature questions
from the students with amazing answers from Emilie.

The day continued in the library where some very lucky Year 8s had the privilege of taking part in Emilie’s poetry workshops which followed such forms as: ekphrastic poetry (writing based on an image), praise poetry (celebrating something underappreciated), tautogram (a poem where as many words as possible start with the same letter) and kenning poems (using a noun verb format to describe someone/something. Students were able to explore poems chosen by Emilie and then given the opportunity to create their own poems using similar devices and techniques. Students worked incredibly hard and produced amazing and wonderful poems of their own. We are extremely proud of each and every student who demonstrated their creativity and use of language. Well done Year 8!


SORA Reading App – January 2024

Sora, the school's free reading app, has now introduced a variety of magazines as well as a wealth of book titles available for students to read. Students can access this,
By downloading the Sora app and entering their CNCS log-in details. Enjoy!


Held a little later than usual our annual Bookmark Competition was launched during our Library lessons.

The competition was again opened up to Year 7 and 8 students where they were asked to create any design they liked on a blank bookmark. There were no restrictions to what students could create so many designs included a festive theme, football, patterns, superhero, nature, books, space and many more. There were many amazing and very creative bookmarks produced and it was incredibly difficult to decide on winners.

The deadline was just before the Christmas holidays and the winners were announced the first week back to school.

One winner from Year 7 and Year 8, each received a prize with four students from each year group receiving a runner up prize.

We are very proud and impressed with our students’ creativity and designs.

Year 7



Year 8 





Congratulations to Sharan in Year 10 whose lucky ticket was pulled out before breaking up for the Christmas Holidays – Well done Sharan!

Christmas Student Librarian Meeting – 21st December 2023

Today the library held its Christmas Student Librarian meeting where the librarians had the opportunity to come together and chat about how the first half term had gone volunteering in the library. They were also awarded their Bronze level award for learning and completing a variety of skills and tasks. These included: attending regularly, working well as a team, issue/return items accurately, shelve books accurately, describe different library resources, friendly and helpful to staff and other students as well as many more.

Well done to all the librarians for demonstrating their commitment to the library and giving up their social time to volunteer. They have been amazing and it is wonderful to see their magnificent progress. We are incredibly proud of them!




Welcome to the Library's New Student Librarians - 2023-2024

The Library’s fabulous new Student Librarians, Yuvraj, Cole, Ketan, Matthan, Laviru, Ameera, Aliyah, Libby and Angel join our long running librarians Krzysztof, Lidiia, Lucie and Kateryna and have started experiencing all the different types of tasks that the role requires.

They have all applied for the position, taken part in an interview and training course and are now volunteering some of their social time in the library.

Well done and welcome to the library team!

Christmas in the Library – 11th-15th December 2023

During the whole week the library hosted a variety of Christmas themed activities for students to enjoy during their break and lunchtime.

Monday students were able to write a message or prayer and decorate snowflakes, Christmas trees, angels or baubles which were then cut out and hung on the library Christmas tree.

Decorate your own tree ornament was available on Tuesday where students had a variety of plain wooden ornaments to choose from and decorate them as they wished to take home.

Wednesday there were Christmas activities such as word searches, colouring templates and bookmarks to complete during their social time.

Thursday the library held the Where’s Santa? competition. Students were asked to find 10 Santas that were hidden around the library. They were rewarded with festive pencils and chocolate coins.

On Friday a Christmas quiz was held to round up Christmas in the Library. Students answered some festive questions as well as enjoying a mince pie and were entered into a draw where a lucky winner won an early Christmas present.

Normally a quiet environment the library was full of festive music, activities and fun for the entire week!

POET WITH PUNCH - Tuesday 14th November 2023

A regular to CNCS Matt ‘Poet with Punch’ Windle paid another visit to our school and spent the day with Year 7s. He held an assembly with them where he discussed how lucky he felt to be earning a living from doing what he is passionate about – boxing and poetry!

A former Poet Laureate of Birmingham and a current holder of a Commonwealth boxing title belt, Matt described his genre of poetry as ‘spoken word’ and asked students to think about what they are passionate about in order to create, write and speak their own poetry.

Workshops were held throughout the day where some Year 7s were able to explore rhyme and rhythm through the use of their own chosen words and create some amazing poetry – well done Year 7s!

Bor - autumn 1.1 2023ok Raffle winne

Harry potter day - Thursday 12th october 2023

The annual Harry Potter Day event took place in the library today. During break and lunchtime students were able to visit the library and discover all of the fantastic displays and decorations around the room. At break they took part in ‘Where’s the Snitch?’ competition where they had to search the library for ten snitches that had been hidden around the room which they received a small prize for. They were also treated to Harry Potter themed sweets such as Jelly Snakes, Jelly Beans and Chocolate Frogs!

At lunchtime students were then able to participate in various activities including Harry Potter themed ‘Chit Chats’, colouring templates, word searches, ‘Write a letter to Harry’, Harry Potter themed games (Dobble, Uno, Frustration, Pictionary, Top Trumps) and the Library Harry Potter Quiz! As well as more sweetie treats, four lucky winners of the quiz received Harry Potter themed prizes.

It was a fantastic day, enjoyed by students from Year 7 to 13 and staff!


summer reading - august 2023

There are many ways to access reading books over the summer break.

  • Use your local library (these are listed on our website on the Library page).
  • Visit bookshops, charity shops and Oxfam for new and used books.
  • Check out this year’s Student Book Reviews and Recommendations on the library website.
  • Use the Sora Reading App to access many titles free of charge.

Whichever you choose please take the time and relax with a good book!

End of term student librarian meeting - Friday 21st July 2023

At break the library held the last meeting of this academic year for the Student Librarians. Nearly everyone was in attendance and break was spent awarding the librarians for all of their hard work, dedication and commitment throughout the year. The library has been blessed with such fantastic librarians this year and we are incredibly proud how they have developed and grown in their roles.

Well done everyone and we hope you will join the library again in September.

Book raffle winner - may 2023

Congratulations to Mufaro in Year 8 who is the first winner of the Library's new competition which runs every half-term. 

Dave Shelton – Author and Illustrator Year 9 Event – Wednesday 26th April 2023

Dave Shelton – Author and Illustrator

Year 9 Event – Wednesday 26th April 2023

The author and illustrator, Dave Shelton, visited CNCS to speak to our Year 9 group. He spoke in morning assembly about the origins of his work, how he acquired his ideas for his books and how he created his illustrations. Students also had the opportunity to ask a variety of very interesting questions. ​

During the rest of the day Mr Shelton held workshops in the library for some of Year 9 where he demonstrated how he created his illustrations as well as encouraging and coaching students to create their own comic book characters. We are incredibly proud how our students engaged in these workshops and the amazing illustrations they produced. Well done Year 9!

Book Raffle

Languages Around the World

To celebrate our school’s diversity and its cultural richness the library has added a new section called ‘Languages Around the World’. This section includes children’s literature in French, Polish and Spanish which can be borrowed from the library by students.

As there are 45 different languages spoken at CNCS, we feel it is important for students to be able to access reading in a foreign language.

Our aim will be to continue to add to the library collection, literature in as many different languages as possible and we welcome suggestions from students and their families.


In the library on the 16th November the CNCS Reading Aloud programme commenced. This is a reading programme where Year 9 and 10 students volunteer to listen to and encourage our Year 7 and 8 students with their reading during tutor time.

It has been a wonderful first session with an outstanding number of students reading aloud and discussing with their mentors the books they are reading.

The library will continue the programme every Wednesday and we look forward to seeing students read an array of reading materials. Well done everyone!


Our annual Bookmark Competition was launched in September during our Library Induction lessons.

Each Year 7 and 8 English class were given a library induction lesson to explain the facilities that the library offers and also give the students the opportunity to understand how the fiction and non-fiction books are organised in a library.

The induction lesson ends with the launch of our annual bookmark competition where students can create any design they like on a blank bookmark.

The deadline was just before October half term and the winners were announced the first week back to school.

Six winners, three from Year 7 and three from Year 8, each received library certificates and a prize.

We are very proud and impressed with our students’ creativity and designs.




Last term the library held an art competition where students were asked to produce a work of art relating to reading and/or books.

It gives us great pleasure to announce the winners of this competition and to exhibit their wonderful creations. Each will be put up on the library walls for the whole school to admire.

Three winners were chosen and they each received a certificate and a prize. The overall winner also had their artwork chosen to become the library’s new logo. This will be seen on various items attributed to the library such as special bookmarks, CNCS Library User Guides, the library website homepage and many more.

We are extremely proud of the students and their achievement.

Re-opening of the Library’s Book Section

Having been closed the summer term of 2021-2022 due to an in-depth stock check, the library will reopen in the Autumn term 2022-23. Books that were old and not relevant have been weeded out to make room for exciting new titles as well as replacing old favourites, some of which have already been ordered. Keep a look out for new titles throughout the year!

Myton Reading Challenge


Before the end of the Summer term, we launched the Myton Reading Challenge to help raise funds for Myton Hospice. Students have been encouraged to take part by being sponsored for each book they read over the summer. Recommendations have been provided but students are free to choose any books they like, fiction or non-fiction – we look forward to seeing what titles have been chosen as well as any funds that have been raised for what is a very worthy cause.