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Curriculum Intent

Maths provides us with the knowledge to understand the world we live in and the skills to be able to change it. Through the leaning journey at Cardinal Newman students become numerate and creative problem solvers. Maths is ever present in life: financial wellbeing, the beauty of nature, the latest technologies, gaming, social media and science. As well as a stand alone subject, mathematic skills are fundamental to success in many other subjects. The maths department follow the national curriculum for mathematics at KS3 and the GCSE, students build on the numeracy foundation from KS2 and develop their mathematical knowledge and problem-solving skills to GCSE with the option of A Level Maths and Further Mathematics.  

Studying mathematics builds the qualities of integrity, perseverance and resilience, driving students pursuit of being “Made for greatness”. The logical thought and analytical problem solving developed when working accurately  demonstrates key employability qualities. The exponential growth of technology means that the problems our pupils will face are incomprehensible. The solutions to these problems will require more flair, abstract thinking and the ability to apply knowledge to unknown fast moving problems. Our mathematicians are a link in the chain, playing a vital role in the development of technologies and the future of our society. 

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Year 7 learning journey
Year 8 learning journey
Year 9 learning journey
Year 10 learning journey
Year 11 learning journey
KS5 A Level learning journey
KS5 A Level Further Maths learning journey

Curriculum Overviews

To find out more about how our curriculum is implemented you can click on our curriculum overviews