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Curriculum Intent

The Media Department strive to develop students’ love and relationship with the media as a whole. To study Media Studies at Cardinal Newman, students will expect to develop their skills of enquiry, critical thinking, decision-making and analysis through a deepening knowledge and understanding of media issues that are current and historic. Students will be exposed to all areas of the media and will garner a love for the subject through the diversity of the topics studied. Students will use their knowledge and skills of the wider media to produce their own media product, thus enabling students to develop their deepening understanding of the processes of the media.

The curriculum for Media Studies is sequentially planned to ensure that it is engaging and stimulating. The variety of texts provides learners the opportunity to recognise the relationship between the theoretical approaches of study and the practical application in their own production. The theoretical framework underpins the learning of all students at GCSE and A-Level. Learners will build on their knowledge, understanding and analysis of the ways media language, representation, media industries and media audiences communicate meanings across a range of media forms. The study of media is aspirational and challenging, allowing students to develop a love of learning. Our learning journeys are created to reflect the building of knowledge and skills required for students to succeed. The subject offers learners a diverse curriculum that equips them with a new language and method of analysis that will impact on the ways in which they view everyday life. The Media is everywhere our students look and is inclusive to all students. Media Studies develops learners’ skillset to decode and challenge the world around them. The diversity of the texts of study provides an opportunity to experience the representations of social class, gender, age and ethnicity within a range of media forms, these experiences enable all students to know that they are all made for greatness.

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