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Curriculum Intent

The Physical Education Department intend to enable all pupils to have an outstanding experience of PE throughout their time at the school and therefore achieve their true potential.

We follow the national curriculum guidelines and intent, to ensure all pupils experience a range of sports and be challenged not only to improve practical abilities, but be encouraged to develop personal, social and decision-making skills.

At Cardinal Newman Catholic School, we strive to inclusively make young people healthier, encourage them to develop their self-discipline and teamwork skills, develop their leadership potential and introduce them to activities they may enjoy and derive health benefits from for a lifetime. This will then ultimately enrich their quality of life. We therefore do not merely concentrate on what we teach but also how we teach, in order that children may learn.

Key stage 3 

Students during these lessons follow a broad balanced curriculum including activities from all national curriculum areas. They develop co-ordination and efficiency of movement in specific skills. Identify the effects of individual contributions to teamwork and to contribute towards the improvement of cardiovascular and other body systems. As students’ progress they will learn to connect the correct movement patterns to enhanced motor skills to improve their performance and understand how to achieve. The activities selected are designed for dual purpose. Firstly, to allow every student the chance to participate in a range of activities and secondly to assist in each individual’s long-term athletic development. 

In year 9 we begin to prepare students for their journey into KS4. We encourage the processes which lead to independent outcomes. We support students in analysing the work of others in order to strengthen their knowledge and skill set. We also stress the importance of fair play, comradeship, being a good sportsman, unselfishness, tolerance and honesty. All virtues which will have a wider impact on society and underpin our British values. 

Key Stage 4 

Years 10 and 11 students round off their skill development in a number of national curriculum areas. Year 11 have the opportunity to opt from a variety of activities. The work started in the key stage 3 curriculum continues. We hope to give as many students as possible the experience of responsibility and thus, in a variety of ways, we ask them to take leadership roles in running teams, societies and clubs. Whilst acquiring and developing core skills in PE, students are encouraged to develop their knowledge and understanding of individual and team games by learning how to devise, plan and implement tactics, act as a coach/manager and be able to umpire or referee. 

GSCE PE Btec sport and Post 16 studies 

In addition to core PE students may also opt to follow GCSE PE (Edexcel) and Btec Sport (Edexcel). All our courses are with Edexcel Pearson. Please follow the link for more information:

Our post 16 students frequently follow career paths in PE related areas. Courses in areas such as Physical Education degrees, Sports science, Nutrition, Medicine, Sports journalism are popular options. 

Core PE is assessed at the end of every 6-week block of work. Students are frequently shown high quality examples to demonstrate positive outcomes. Students can access examples of excellence through a weekly whole school e- briefing and the schools social media areas including twitter, where we regularly showcase our extensive extra-curricular activities and sporting excellence from all year groups.


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