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At Cardinal Newman School, we recognise that reading is a fundamental life skill. Our aims are to:

  • Develop reading for pleasure
  • Support our weaker readers
  • Stretch and challenge our avid readers

We are very lucky to have a large library on site at school and this is available to students before, during and after school. We encourage pupils to visit the library to browse books, to check books out, to complete homework on the computers or to print work. All pupils will complete a Library Induction programme at Key Stage 3 and they will continue to return to the library during scheduled tutor times and during some subject lessons.

Reading for pleasure is a key priority at CNCS. Ways in which we promote reading for pleasure include:

  • Author visits
  • World Book Day celebrations and activities
  • Harry Potter Night
  • Book Giveaways
  • Year 7’s free welcome book
  • Competitions
  • Sora Reading App
  • Links to the English Department’s Literary Calendar

We are conscious that some readers may not be as confident as others. We support these readers through the following:

  • Dyslexiafriendly area in the library
  • Read, Write Inc Intervention Programme (Ruth Miskin)
  • Lexia Powerup Literacy Intervention programme
  • Reading Aloud pupil mentoring programme
  • An emphasise on reading and vocabulary within lessons

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