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Each term students are invited to apply to become a Student Librarian. Students are able to fill out an application form, experience an informal interview and participate in the Library Training Scheme. Students get a great deal out of helping in the library – it raises their self-esteem, provides a sense of responsibility, increases confidence, communication, problem solving, peer interaction, collaboration as well as improving key skills such as speaking and listening.

Students are also welcome to apply to support their Duke of Edinburgh programme.       

end of term student librarian meeting - Friday 21st july 2023

At break the library held the last meeting of this academic year for the Student Librarians. Nearly everyone was in attendance and break was spent awarding the librarians for all of their hard work, dedication and commitment throughout the year. The library has been blessed with such fantastic librarians this year and we are incredibly proud how they have developed and grown in their roles.

Well done everyone and we hope you will join the library again in September.

May Half Term Certificate Awards – 26th May 2023

The library was closed at breaktime today so the Student Librarians could all be awarded with their Silver Library certificates and enjoy some sweet treats.

They have all demonstrated a great deal of commitment, creativity and hard work. As well as volunteering to manage the library desk, put books away, ensure the ICT equipment is correct, they have also produced book reviews, created library displays and contributed to the Library Newsletter.

We are incredibly proud of them, well done!

End Of Term Student Librarian Celebration and Award - 30th March 2023

Student Librarian Meeting 

30th March 2023 Today the library held a meeting and end of term celebration for the Student Librarians who have demonstrated commitment and hard work in their role during the last term. The library was closed at lunchtime so the librarians could enjoy their lunch in the library as well as having a choice of cupcakes to eat whilst they discussed what they have enjoyed about their role. The librarians put forward many positive suggestions for the coming term as well as discussing what contributions they can make towards making the library even better. Each one was awarded with their Student Librarian Bronze certificate and an Easter Egg. CNCS is incredibly proud of them and they are a strong and positive asset to the library. Well done



Student Librarians 2021-22


Why I like being a Student Librarian in the CNCS library…..

I like being a Student Librarian because I like all parts of the library like making sure all the books are put in the right places or putting the books away myself. Working on the desk has also helped me develop as a person because it has made me have a better set of social skills.

                                                                                                                       Alex (Year 7)

To be honest I enjoy being a librarian because I really like reading books and also I like the library because everybody there is so nice and kind, helping each other and being really friendly. Also, I really like helping people. That’s why, if you have any questions you can come and see us! 😊

                                                                                                                       Kateryna (Year 8)


There are many qualities about being a school librarian. Personally, being a Student Librarian helped me with my communication as I communicate with the students when I am on duty. It also helps me in building my confidence because I have been trained on the roles I need to do.

                                                                                                                       Reva (Y11)


Ever since I became a librarian I found myself coming to the library more to borrow a book, which as a result improves my English. I also find myself discovering more and more books I didn’t think I would enjoy, but still did. Being a librarian helps me socialise and use my qualities and talents: communication, memory and numbers. It is a really fun experience and I say that others might enjoy it too!

                                                                                                                       Anushka (Y8)