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Thinking about your Next Steps when you leave school – Unifrog is the perfect tool to help!

Unifrog – the complete destinations platform.

Question: are you a Doer? Dreamer? Thinker or Helper???

Answer – check out Unifrog > Personality quiz to find out!

Unsure what to embark on as a Career path – Complete the Personality Quiz on Unifrog – see what type of ‘frog’ you are and look in the subjects library – you may be amazed at what you might find!

Looking for a specific Career area – check out the Careers Library on Unifrog.

Looking for an Apprenticeship – check out the Apprenticeship tile on Unifrog.

Looking to go to University but not sure what Degree to choose/ what it looks like to study? – check out the subjects library on Unifrog.

Want to create a CV/ application form/ prepare for an interview – check out the know-how library on Unifrog.

Hop on to Unifrog – the more you explore, the more you will find. Do it today!!