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Health and Social Care

Curriculum Intent

Our aim of the Health and Social Care curriculum is to provide students with a solid foundation and platform of sector- specific knowledge and skills for everyday life. The health and social care courses in both key stage 4 and 5 are vocationally-related courses, which will challenge all learners by introducing them to demanding materials and skills, encouraging independence and creativity.  Learners gain an understanding of how to fulfil the needs of people in a variety of health, social care, and early childhood settings. The curriculum adopts an understanding of the relevant skills and attributes required to influence care and empowers students by providing tasks that engage , and motivate with the more challenging aspects of the national curriculum (including values of care and current legislation requirements); and emphasising the importance of  communication skills, and attitudes that are considered most important in health and social care. The care values that are vitally important in the sector, and the opportunity to practice applying them in ensuring individuals’ right to independence and dignity.  Students own values are significant because they help us to grow and develop, by creating a future, individuals want to experience.

 Learners are provided a variety of exciting activities and tasks during lessons, that both challenge and allow them to display their depth and breadth of knowledge of the subject. Providing opportunities for learners to experiment with different ways of encouraging greater participation in discussion, take risks, learn from their mistakes,and the sense of progress is central to developing growth mindsets . Lessons are delivered in a way that builds on past knowledge and aims to provide an invaluable insight into the health care sector. It is for learners who are interested in learning about the health and social care sector as part of a balanced study programme. We encourage all learners to enhance their knowledge and practical skills through a variety of learning techniques, such as practical experiences and real-life scenarios.

It is therefore vital to provide a curriculum that inspires a love for learning and vocational experiences, equipping students with the skills to function effectively within the workplace and further education.

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