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curriculum intent

The Geography Department at Cardinal Newman Catholic School aims to inspire young Geographer’s by learning about the complex human and physical processes within our planet, through asking questions, being inquisitive and forming solutions to posing global challenges. Students will develop their geographical skills by interpreting sources and expanding their spatial knowledge of the world. Lessons will enrich and equip students with diverse opportunities to learn about major current topics, such as climate change, natural disasters, urbanisation, resource consumption and sustainability.

The Geography Department thrives on inspiring and challenging students to achieve greatness, through acquiring a deeper understanding of the various human and physical landscapes that encompass our planet, with our ambition to create aspiring advocating activists, enthuse educated explorers by becoming diligent decision-makers.

Students and Parents

Students and parents, to find out how our curriculum is planned and sequenced, click on our subject learning journeys below.

Overall Learning Journey – KS3 & KS4 Geography
Year 7 Learning Journey
Year 8 Learning Journey
Year 9 Learning Journey
Year 10 Learning Journey
Year 11 Learning Journey

Curriculum Overviews

Due to curriculum changes, the new curriculum map will be effective from the 2022-2023 academic year for KS3 (Y7/Y8/Y9) groups. However, to avoid a repetition of content, KS4 (Year 10 & 11) will follow the old curriculum map until their GCSES are complete (Y10: 2024. Y11: 2023)

To find out more about our how our curriculum is implemented you can click on our curriculum overview