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curriculum intent

The History curriculum inspires students to gain a coherent knowledge and understanding of Britain’s past and that of the wider world so students know their place in it. The curriculum equips students with the ability to ask perceptive questions, develop their own judgements using evidence, critically evaluate source material and appreciate how the diversity of the past has led to the society they live in today.

History focuses on the breadth of British History for over 2000 years, with recurring themes throughout the curriculum: migration, power, health and society. Students build upon their knowledge acquired from their primary education, giving them an inclusive and chronological perspective to the development of British and wider world societies, creating aspirational citizens.

The History department offers access to a range of educational trips and speakers aiming to further students’ interest at all ages in the subject, fostering a love of learning, curiosity and developing their cultural capital. 

Students and parents

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Curriculum overviews

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