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Curriculum Intent

At the core of the music curriculum intent is our students. We want them to develop a positive relationship with music, something they can connect with and use beyond the classroom and beyond their time at secondary school. The curriculum is designed so that all students can be aspirational and achieve excellence regardless of their background

The curriculum for music is split into three disciplines: listening, composing, and performing. These skills start at a foundational level from year 7 and then gradually get more complex throughout KS3 and KS4. At KS4, the GCSE is delivered through these same areas of discipline, and so we work backwards to ensure that students have what they need to succeed and access learning at KS4 and beyond.  

At KS3, students are given opportunities to use their voice and to learn a variety of instruments in different genres and traditions. They are taught to use the elements of music effectively through composing; to be expressive through ensemble performance; and to understand how to identify the elements of music and composition devices through critical listening.

Students and Parents

Students and parents, to find out how our curriculum is planned and sequenced, click on our subject learning journeys below.

Year 7 learning journey
Year 8 learning journey
Year 9 learning journey
Year 10 learning journey (GCSE)
Year 10 learning journey (BTEC)
Year 11 learning journey (GCSE)
Year 11 learning journey (BTEC)

curriculum overviews

To find out more about our how our curriculum is implemented you can click on our curriculum overviews